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Dear : Recruiter

I am an experienced and successful business leader with more than 25 years of experience driving superior operations and overall corporate performance.

My expertise lies in successfully creating and implementing strategic operational processes, coaching and developing employees, and managing business development efforts to realize multimillion-dollar revenue increases in the Travel industry, Passenger &, Roro ships, Aviation, Logistics, Women`s shoes & clothing, medical beauty and Intercity Bus operations sectors.

Through my experience, I have become adept in overseeing a wide variety of operational and fiduciary responsibilities to ensure profit maximization and optimize financial performance while expanding market share.

Viva lines bus company, which I established for VIP passenger transportation between Ankara and Istanbul cities in Turkey, won the award for the most innovative business idea and model of the year in 2017.

Despite of having such experiences, I was unable to find a matching job opportunity after moving Netherlands where I could use my managerial skills due to my lack of speaking Dutch language.

In addition, I would like to specifically state that I am available for all shifts and days, and that I am ready to start working immediately and relocate..

You can reach me by phone +31 687241649 or email btsbs@yahoo.com

Thank you for your consideration.


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